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What makes AgeImmune’s Berberine supplement superior

By February 15, 2022February 20th, 2022No Comments
best berberine supplement

Berberine is often called a “nature’s miracle drug” because it has been found to have so many benefits. It can help with blood sugar stability, weight loss, and even relieving the symptoms of diabetes.  It can lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and other lipid markers. This supplement is especially helpful for people who are diabetic or at risk of diabetes due to their genetics or lifestyle choices. It may also help to reduce weight gain and promote weight loss through balancing the metabolism. Berberine is also widely used in herbal medicine for its antibacterial properties.

At AgeImmune we never compromise on quality. We go above and beyond to discover the best sources for all raw materials we use, and berberine supplement is no exception. Many of our customers are Dr. Kanevsky’s patients at the same time, and he made a promise to put patients and their health ahead of everything else. Our Berberine is the highest grade on the market, it is as potent and bioavailable as it gets. Once raw material arrives from Indonesia, it gets tested, mixed with inulin for even better absorption and is being encapsulated. All of that is done in the United States at the GMP Certified laboratories regulated and registered by FDA.

Unlike most manufacturers, we at AgeImmune, do not use any fillers or substitute compounds during the manufacturing process. Our Berberine supplement contains no magnesium stearate, no silicon dioxide, and no titanium dioxide. We simply do not manufacture with flow agents or lubricants. We are the purest.

All our products are tasted by third party laboratories to ensure there are no toxic elements and excipients present that could compromise the quality, safety, and integrity.

Based on our customers’ feedback, our Berberine 1000 Plus has been proven to be effective supporting a wide range of health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, gastrointestinal imbalances, high cholesterol, ulcers, asthma, allergies, infections, inflammation, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and more!

Here is one of the examples why using the highest quality Berberine compound matters. Our Berberine is a natural compound that inhibits the enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type 3 (PDE3) which has been linked to elevated levels of insulin. It can also suppress food intake, stimulate energy expenditure, and promote weight loss.

Berberine converts glucose to fatty acids by inhibiting alpha-glucosidase in the gut. This allows for less insulin secretion and fat accumulation. In addition, berberine increases bile acid production and stimulates pancreatic beta cells to release insulin. The combination of these effects results in increased satiety and decreased appetite.

Berberine is absolutely safe.

Many people consider the benefits of berberine to be too good to be true. Recent studies have shown that low doses of berberine can be beneficial for some gastrointestinal disorders without causing any side effects.

Once you decide to choose a high-quality product that has science-based benefits and highest strength, please visit our shop at