juvdefense is back

JuvDefense is Back!

JuvDefense is back. We have improved its formula by replacing vitamins E as mixed tocopherols with a Natural Form of Vitamin E, which is about three times more effective, that mixed tocopherols. In one experiment, Japanese researchers alternately gave natural and synthetic vitamin E to seven women. It took 300 mg of synthetic vitamin E to equal the blood levels achieved by a 100-mg dose of natural vitamin E. [1]. Blood, however, is not vitamin E’s final destination. Tissue takes longer than blood to absorb nutrients. Based on the studies at East Tennessee State University [2] after seven to 23 days of supplementation, natural vitamin E levels rise higher than synthetic levels.

Another important change to JuvDefense formula is that we quadrupled quantity of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) per daily serving. This amino acid not just replenishes natural antioxidant levels and eliminate free radicals, but also repairs liver damage and provides body detox from heavy metals and free radicals.

NAC is also important for its ability to help our bodies to produce glutathione, another powerful and naturally occurring antioxidant. Our bodies loose ability to produce glutathione as we age.

We have also increased Quercetin quantity. Being a powerful bioflavonoid, Quercetin is used to help prevent bladder infections, arthritis, and even diabetes.

Together 14 most powerful antioxidants will help your body maintain healthy oxygen levels, prevent aging, and provide detox.

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