Yü InfiniSerum® is a potent blend of anti-aging actives have been studied and proven to dramatically increase skin’s ability to act like its former youthful self. Its ingredients, including Equol – the anti-aging molecule – help to recalibrate youthful genetic expression, counteract the negative effects of hormone imbalances caused by aging, and provide visible improvements to skin’s appearance over time.

Skin care should not be a guessing game. We want you to know what you are putting on your skin, and why. Discover how Yü InfiniSerum® naturally works with your skin to optimize its health and reclaim your youth!

yü InfiniSerum contains five powerhouse active ingredients, each with substantial scientific support and clinical data that show its anti-aging effects on skin. The anchor active ingredient, Equol, shocked the cosmeceutical world in 2012, with unprecedented data showing almost unbelievable anti-aging effects in the skin.

Key benefits of Yü InfiniSerum®:

  • deeply hydrates skin
  • restore natural skin architecture
  • reduce the appearance of fine and medium wrinkles
  • reduce the look of sagging skin
  • recalibrate skin’s DNA
  • reset its genetic expression
  • repair damage


Place two pumps of oil free Yü InfiniSerum® on fingertips and apply in an upward and outward motion to face and neck, especially on areas where signs of aging are present. Use morning and night. Can be followed with other moisturizers, sunscreens, or make-up products. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on irritated or broken skin. Yü InfiniSerum® comes in a 1oz. bottle and will last about 1 month if used as directed.