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AgeImmune Presents Brilliant Vitamin B Complex

By September 28, 2022October 3rd, 2022No Comments
vitamin B and magnesium

AgeImmune Doctor Formulated Supplements and a magnesium stearate free brand presents Brilliant Vitamin B Complex with vitamin B12, B6, B9 or Folate, vitamin D as well as Albion Magnesium Bisglysinate.

You probably hear how essential magnesium and vitamin b are for human health. Did you know that studies by prominent researchers and universities found that magnesium and vitamin B are responsible for over 300 biochemical functions in the body from energy production to sleep, in fact magnesium deficiency is closely associate with metabolic syndrome, a condition involving use and function of insulin.

Metabolic syndrome has a group of risk factors such as High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar, unhealthy cholesterol levels and abdominal fat. Magnesium plays an important role in a glucose metabolism and insulin action, decreasing inflammation, anxiety, and cortisol, improving HDL Levels.

With magnesium being such a critical mineral in a body structure and function, you want the benefits provided by the highest quality magnesium. There are several forms of magnesium on the market today including magnesium carbonate, oxide, and others. AgeImmune uses magnesium discovered by Albion called magnesium bisglysinate chelate, the most bioavailable organic mineral form available.

Albion scientist have bonded magnesium with an amino acid called glycine which the body easily recognizes and absorbs. It is nutritionally functional because it remains intact throughout entire GI Tract. Magnesium bisglyconate chelate is well absorbed, has no laxative effect, and has numerous benefits. Ionized forms of magnesium are generally responsible for GI intolerance. Because Albion’s magnesium is not ionized in the Gut, like magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate and magnesium carbonate, it is well tolerated and does not course intestinal distress evident with other magnesium sources.

Another important ingredient is Folate (vitamin B9), not to be confused with Folic Acid, it’s synthetic ingredient. Folate deficiency may course anemia. If you experience tiredness, low energy levels, a tingling feeling in your arms or legs, you might be folate deficient. Our formula includes 400mcg or 680mcg DFE of Folate as L-Methylfolate, safe for daily supplementation.

Studies have shown that Vitamin B deficiency is often associated with Vitamin D 3 deficiency, therefore we added Vitamin D to our formula. At the same time magnesium is important in regulating levels of vitamin D as well as its absorption. We balanced our formula to address vitamins B, D, and magnesium supplementation from all angles.  Improving levels of both minerals could improve your general health.

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